How to sharpen table saw blade?

  Most of us tend to replace table saw blades as soon as they start to go bad, since we don’t know how to sharpen a table saw blade. Now today I’ll be sharing some important tips for sharpening a table saw blade. They’re so expensive to replace and even when it’s time to replace them, sharpening the blade yourself may be more helpful.

how to sharpen table saw


                  The most important requirement while starting to sharpen a table saw blade is a diamond blade for your circular blade. A new diamond blade for sharpening has to be bought from the store, previously used blades will do even though a new one only meant for sharpening saw blades is better.

                      Next, remove the saw blade from the saw and take it to the flat surface where you can work without any imminent danger however that doesn’t ensure that now the blade is completely safe to be handled, there’re yet some more precautions to be undertaken.


                           Wear a thick pair of hand gloves to avoid any cuts as these blades are still sharper enough to pierce your skin. Wearing goggles may be more protective as this job is a messy one and will make splinters fly across the room you’re working and may cause them to get struck in your eye and might make you go blind. Facemask is mandatory because those metal splinters may be extremely dangerous and can cause illness if they get into your respiratory track. Now many may wonder the question “How to sharpen a table saw blade?” might be useless as the process seems to be too dangerous, it’s however so simple and safe if you follow the necessary precautions before you get into work.


                               The process of sharpening a saw blade may be a strenuous one and can take a while to be completed. One shouldn’t rush the process. Begin sharpening of each section of the saw using the sharpening file. Slowly sharpen each section of the blade until they become sharp. This is purely upon your satisfaction and you can sharpen them until you get completely satisfied with these sharpened blades.

                                   Now after all the blades have been sharpened it’s time to lubricate them with oil. Lubrication is mainly done to avoid rusting of blades and to maintain them sharp. Apply a little amount of lubricating oil over the blade and the sharpened ends. It’s really dangerous to do this with bare hands as it could puncture your fingers. Try parting oil over the blade with a piece of newspaper. Now replace the table saw blade and try cutting some pieces of wood to check it’s sharpness, if not satisfied then repeat the procedure once again and sharpen the blade.

                              Hope these simple steps have answered how to sharpen a table saw blade. The very much primary and basic steps are provided for the better understanding and use of the table saw blades. If these sharpening steps don’t seem to work then it’s time to replace your blade with a new one.

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